“Experience a sense of Fulfillment...
Know your Life Purpose & have a direction that satisfies your Soul.”

Does a sense of meaning and purpose seem to elude you?
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You Will Have:

  • Peace & Confidence knowing your Life's Purpose & True Potential in a way that expresses your gifts and talents.
  • A Sense of Enjoyment & Ease following a fulfilling path of your Spirit that flows naturally for you.
  • Excitement about your Direction, personally & professionally, knowing what you are here to be doing in this world.

Find your Life Purpose with my FREE mini e-course, ‘5 Simple Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose,’ which includes a 4 page course and 2 worksheets to complete. It offers visualizations, and fun & practical assessments & ways to use your mind-body-spirit connection to create your own ‘Life Purpose’ statement.

You Can Do It! Just spend 30 minutes a day for 1 week, doing 1 step per day.

Your ‘Life Purpose Statement’ will express your life purpose & show you some of the best ways to use your true potential in the world. When you complete the course, I have a special FREE gift for you worth $95.00!

One client said after she completed the course:
“I really enjoyed my ‘synthesized’ Life Purpose sentence.  I LOVE it...  It makes sense to me and FEELS like my truth.”
– Laura, California

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Suzanne Strisower, M.A., PCC – Spiritual Life Coach

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